Fueling the Industry 4.0 Revolution


Technology and spherical powders products 
tailored for advanced applications by AlphaPowders - Polish startup, operating on the verge of additive manufacturing, chemical technology and materials engineering.
From post-industrial waste to top-quality spherical powders
Carbon footprint reduced by novel pulverization approach
Functional materials on demand

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We are looking for polymer powders manufacturers, cryogenic grinding industry, recycling companies and all industries generating or collecting polymer dust to cooperate with.

We make plastic waste valuable


AlphaPowders technology

Spheroidization and carbon-footprint reducing apporach for polymer powders sustainable production

AlphaPowders powders

Low-cost user-friendly polymer powder products for Powder Bed Fusion 
3D printing industry

AlphaPowders lab services

Versatile laboratory techniques for powder and printouts quality control & lot stability assessment

Events and media coverage

Mar 2023 - Plug and Play (Silicon Valley)
We were honored to be invited to pitch in the heart of Silicon Valley, in the world’s largest startup accelerator Plug and Play. We are deeply grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and acquire partners.
Dec 2022 - Mazovian Startup III
AlphaPowders is proud to announce it's won the 2nd place in a competition organized by the Youth Business Poland. The prize of 3200 EUR will be spent on boosting the development of the SpheroNano device and advance its go-to market.
Oct 2022 - Formnext.messago.com
AlphaPowders was an invited exhibotor at the prestigious AM event Formnext, where we accepted the prize for the Formnext Startup Challenge! We are excited for all the connections made, and are looking forward to returning to this great event next year.
Sep 2022 - Money.pl
Impactful startups presented themselves during Warsaw startup contest. Learn more what AlphaPowders revolution can bring to AM sector and society (press material in polish) .

Sep 2022 - MamStartup.pl
Check out our CEO statement during Yough Business Poland startup competion "Startuj z Mazowsza" and learn how our technology is about to make AM revolution even more sustainable (press material in polish)
Jun 2022 - Reach4.biz
AlphaPowders presented its business model and short term targets during Warsaw Reach4.biz conference. Check out more about our innovative approach toward sustainable powders for additive manufacturing.