Reinventing powders

Our mission

To harness recent advances in material engineering and polymer processing in order to provide a wide portfolio of high-performance powders tailored for a broad spectrum of applications, including automotive, medical, and aerospace.

Our approach

AlphaPowders integrates an ecosystem of polymer processing specialists, companies, and entrepreneurs to provide cutting-edge prices and the highest quality of powdered products for additive manufacturing.

We are an amalgam of engineers, materials scientists, and business developers. Our means are fast, agile, and strongly customer-oriented. We cooperate with top specialists in the field of Powder Bed Fusion process and polymer processing technology.

Can't find a suitable SLS powder on the market? Contact us!

Feel free to contact us about any special materials you need for your application. We specialize in design and development of novel SLS powders not available anywhere else on the market. Our mission is to work with you to create a product best tailored to your needs

our Recent fields of interest
  • Highly spherical polymer powders
  • Sustainable products with stable supply chain

Current Projects

We are actively developing two lines of new products: POLYOLEFIN series and POLYAMIDE series, both dedicated for Selective Laser Sintering 3D Manufacturing and 3D Prototyping.

Polyolefin low dust SLS grade powder optimized for high elongation at break

Printing campaign in progress
Polyolefin series  

polyolefine based powder with advantagous strength to cost ratio
Polyamide series

Details to be published soon

Our Partners