The holy grail of 3D printing — an interview

Alpha Powders polymer micropowder, AP

Is the new granulate the holy grail of 3D printing?

The revolution in consumer goods production in the 1940s and 1950s was driven by solving the mass production problem of polymers. The introduction of inexpensive and relatively easy-to-process materials enabled rapid development in every aspect of life, from the food sector to advanced technologies. We are currently experiencing a similar transformation aimed at improving the profitability of many industries and reducing their environmental impact. The difference is that there is no new „magic” material, such as polyolefin plastics, which emerged at the turn of the century – this is quite difficult after decades of rapid development in chemistry and materials engineering. The breakthrough of the second decade of the 21st century is high-quality additive manufacturing, which requires a new form of raw material. This form is precisely the subtle, „engineered” polymer micro-powder.

Recently, our CEO – Dominik Zdybał had the opportunity to discuss the produced polymer micro-powder and other aspects of our business in an interview for The entire article (material in Polish) can be read at this link. Below you will find a glimpse into the insightful dialogue.

Addressing the Market

Zdybał highlighted a noticeable disparity between suppliers of materials for traditional 3D printing methods and those catering to Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)/Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technologies, which we specializes in. Our motivation stemmed from the opportunity to provide high-quality polymer micro-powders with unique environmental, functional, and economic benefits. The discussion delved into how our offerings address multiple industry needs, from technological advancements to tackling oversaturation of similar solutions. Zdybał emphasized the importance of refining technological sophistication rather than merely offering incremental improvements.


Navigating Market Entry

When asked about the challenges of establishing a presence in the 3D printing market, Zdybał acknowledged the competitive landscape but noted the rising significance of polymer powders. He likened this innovation to a „new granulate,” echoing the sentiments of Alpha Powders’ CTO, Aleksander Guzik. Zdybał stressed the importance of tailoring communication for different audiences, from technical experts to general consumers. Simplifying complex concepts without diluting their essence has been a key focus for Alpha Powders, ensuring our message resonates effectively.


Future Prospects and Collaboration approach

The conversation touched upon Alpha Powders’ successes in various startup competitions, which have contributed to brand building and market positioning. Zdybał underscored the value of such events in fostering new relationships and validating our vision. Highlighting our positive collaborations with academic institutions, Zdybał emphasized the wealth of knowledge and resources available in Poland’s scientific community. He advocated for strategic partnerships to leverage expertise and cutting-edge infrastructure for mutual growth.