3DPI Awards 2023

Honorable Mention at 3D Printing Industry Awards 2023

Alpha Powders Receives Honorable Mention at 3D Printing Industry Awards 2023

Alpha Powders proudly announces its recent achievement of an Honorable Mention in the Innovation of the Year category at the prestigious 3D Printing Industry Awards 2023. The company’s unwavering commitment to advancing polymer powder spheroidization technology has positioned it as a notable innovator in the field.

The 3D Printing Industry Awards, organized by the esteemed committee of the 3D Printing Industry (3DPI), is a premier event that recognizes and celebrates excellence in the 3D printing sector. Alpha Powders’ notable mention is not just a testament to its commitment but also a recognition of the pioneering work in polymer powder spheroidization technology, a critical aspect of 3D printing processes.

Alpha Powders stands out as the sole representative from the Polish 3D printing industry, adding an extra layer of distinction to its achievement. The Innovation of the Year category specifically highlights the company’s groundbreaking efforts, emphasizing its readiness for full commercialization.

3D Printing Industry Awards 2023

A Commendation from Industry Leaders and Experts

The 3DPI Awards committee, comprising industry leaders and experts with over 2000 years of combined experience, serves as the heartbeat of the 3D printing world. Their acknowledgment of Alpha Powders’ work is not just a badge of honor but also a significant morale boost for the entire team.

This recognition acknowledges the meticulous efforts invested in the development of technology, often carried out in the shadows during the initial stages. It marks the transition of projects from conception to tangible solutions, witnessed by market insiders, early adopters, and close partners. Alpha Powders’ recognition in this category underscores its solid fundamentals and proven traction in the evolving landscape of 3D printing.


3D Printing Industry Awards 2023

Appreciation and Forward-Looking Statements

Alpha Powders expresses gratitude to everyone involved, from the 3DPI Awards committee to its dedicated team, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in realizing the full potential of its technology. The company extends congratulations to all category winners, with a special mention for GE Additive for their success in the Innovation category.

The event’s success would not be complete without acknowledging Michael Petch and the entire 3D Printing Industry Crew for organizing a splendid event in a unique location. This acknowledgment emphasizes the collaborative nature of the industry and the significance of such platforms in bringing together key players, fostering innovation, and celebrating achievements.

As Alpha Powders basks in the glory of this accomplishment, the company looks ahead with anticipation. This recognition marks the beginning of a journey that holds the promise of revolutionizing the 3D printing industry on a global scale. Alpha Powders is poised to continue its trajectory of innovation, shaping the future of 3D printing technologies.