Polyolefin SLS-grade powder

Low-cost fine polymer powder for SLS 3D printing of highly elastic, lightweight and chemically resistant components.

Alpha Powders Polyolefin Powder*

  • highly elastic formula for desktop printers
  • cost-effective for prototyping
  • recommended for outdoor applications

*material in development — will be even better.

batches available now!

Stable powder flow properties

Thanks to pure polyolefin composition and very low dust content, this powder retains its flow properties during refreshing process. You can re-use unsintered powder that went through sieving machines. Sieves equal or finer than 250 um are recommended.

Moisture resistant

Powder and printed parts preserve its properties regardless humidity of environment. Powder can be operated even at highly humid atmosphere without significant impact on flowability. Frankly speaking, it’s how it was produced! Due to negligible water absorption, final printouts do not age with storage. Storage and powder re-use logistics are much simplified.

Bouyancy & leak-tightness

AlphaPowders polyolefin powder provides low bulk density of printed parts (0.88 g/ccm), precisely engineered for tough, super-lightweight applications, e.g. for aerospace or chemical industry. Leak-tight printouts on demand!

Low print temperature
& no nitrogen atmosphere needed

Thanks to engineered low melting point of polyolefine powder, even smallest and most affordable printers can handle this product with ease! Additionally, the powder is insensitive to oxidation, thus no additional nitrogen supply is required. Cost saving option, for cost saving customer.