3DPI Awards 2023

Alpha Powders is thrilled to announce an Honorable Mention at the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2023, recognizing our team’s dedication to advancing polymer powder technology on a global scale.

Santander X Startup Award

Alpha Powders secures the Santander X Startup Award – Poland 2023, propelling innovation in materials and tech onto the global stage at Santander X Global Awards in Barcelona!

3W Start-up Showdown

Alpha Powders is honored to receive top recognition in the Idea 3W Competition for our innovative microspherical polymer powders. Grateful to the jury and organizers for this esteemed award.

OPTIMAT Innovation Network

„Exciting news! Alpha Powders is now a proud partner in the OPTIMAT innovation network, amplifying our commitment to advancing Additive Manufacturing in Europe. See you at the upcoming network meeting in Aachen!

Mazovian Startup III

AlphaPowders is proud to announce it’s won the 2nd place in a competition organized by the Youth Business Poland. The prize of 3200 EUR will be spent on boosting the development of the SpheroNano device and advance its go-to market.