Mazovian Startup III

Success in the Mazovian Startup III Program

We are pleased to announce our achievement of the second place in the Mazovian Startup III program, a prestigious startup competition organized by Youth Business Poland (YBP). This targeted acceleration program is designed for tech startups with a focus on high social and environmental impact.

Our advanced technology, which upcycles polymer waste for application in 3D printing, received commendation from the jury during the Demo Day. The second-place position is accompanied by a substantial prize of 15,000 PLN (3,200 EUR), earmarked to significantly enhance the development of our SpheroNano device and facilitate its progression to market readiness.

fot. Rafał Skomorucha

Our sincere gratitude goes to the jury for recognizing our endeavors, and we extend appreciation to the organizers—Adrian Migoń, Agata Naramska, and Marta Migoń—for orchestrating an exemplary acceleration program. The journey was enriched with invaluable mentorship from Maciej Grzegrzolka, diverse networking opportunities, and comprehensive offline and online courses.

Congratulations are also extended to the winners of the 1st place:, and the 3rd place: Pogaduszki. Recognition is also due to all the other startups selected to participate in the program alongside us. We look forward to the sustained success and growth of the Mazovian Startup III community.