Spheroidization Technology

World's first benchtop
polymer powder spheroidizator

We make plastic waste valuable

Benefits of SpheroNANO 
Lab-scale new powders development
Optimized material presets as well as flexible process control
Works with standard AM materials and post industrial waste dust

Avaliable Q2 2023 

The very first and the smallest of "Sphero" family - SpheroNANO - a compact benchtop lab-scale polymer powder spherodizator


How does SpheroNANO work?

In a nutshell - it splits powder agglomerates into separate particles and provide enough energy for a complete meltdown of each separate grain. The process is fast, so no degradation or post-condensation occurs. Your product will preserve viscosity and molecular weight distribution. See our white paper for details of the spheroidiation process, impact on properties and possibility of SpheroNANO use for "in-flight micro-compounding" with advanced additives for functional materials on demand.

Value added powder products

SpheroNANO allows for sphericity and roundness improvement for a wide range of polymer inputs, including post industrial dust.

The higher sphericity and roundness of polymer powder, the better flow properties - crucial for high quality 3D printing

We are looking for polymer powders manufacturers, cryogenic grinding industry, recycling companies and all industries generating or collecting polymer dust to cooperate with and we  wish to create valuable products out of it.

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