Quality Control Services

Grain size distribution

This is the standard analysis for powders intended for SLS, MJF, and SLM. The report includes the number and volume weight distributions as well as common size descriptors: D10, D50, and D90. The measurement is based on microscopic analysis of 5.000 - 100.000 particles and is not affected by agglomerates thanks to a proprietary method of powder analysis in moving suspension.


This "fingerprint" analysis can reveal if any changes occurred to the powder during SLS, MJF, or SLM processes, by looking at the grain shape descriptors. It is also useful as a method of verifying the source of the feedstock material. 


This is an analysis of the microstructure of SLS, MJF, roto molding, or FDM parts. It is useful for quality control and can reveal potential sources of weakness, such as grain boundaries defects and excessive porosity.

thermal, calorimetric, rheology analysis and many more

We offer measurements of heat of fusion, melting-crystallization hysteresis, thermal decomposition onset as well as melt rheology. For customer requests, we can arrange an analysis of virtually any physical property of powdered and printed materials.

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